How do I Download C3 to my computer?

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  • I am trying to make a simple platform game to see if I can understand Construct3.

    I am using the trial version and don't like having to go online every time I want to do something.

    How do I download the program?

    My computer downloaded the asset pack for the Platform tutorial but I cannot open it.

    Thank you.

  • Construct 3 already works offline, even when you use it from the browser. There is no need to download it. You can also use the "Install as app" option in Chrome to get an icon on your desktop.

  • I still must have my Internet turned on and then it keeps loading me as a Guest even though I sighed up for a one year membership yesterday.

    I must log in each time to use it completely.

    I don't know how to download it as an app on Chrome. I cannot find a button to do that.


  • It should work. Maybe you have a browser extension that's stopping Construct saving anything locally? Some privacy extensions might do that, and it may prevent Construct remembering your login or working offline.

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  • I finally went into the C drive on my computer and found the Loader and the C3 program on my hard drive. I then made a shortcut for the program from the hard drive file and put that on my hard drive. I then had to log in online to get the program to open with the purchased edition. Then I redid the copy to prevent it from opening with the guest copy.

    This is not as easy as it is supposed to be.

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