The doubt remains - about MobileAdvert - Can a good soul teach how to?

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  • Hey,

    I am now for hours trying to make one single AdMob Banner appear in my game, but no success.

    I've read a lot of treads in the subject and tried pretty much everything I found. I've read the manual for the MobileAdvert plugin, which is not very useful in practical ways, and don't even show all the properties for the object. There is no tutorial.

    I have my account in AdMob, AdSense and Google Ads.

    I put the IDs on the MobileAdvert object, the Application ID and the Publisher ID.

    I have Test mode enabled.

    My events now are: On Start, if MobileAdvert is configured ~ create the banner - with show = true. (I have tried my banner ID and the Test ID, also tried "TEST" as some suggestions, but non works);

    I tried 'Show the current banner advert' both when I click a button, 'On configuration complete' and 'On banner ready', non works.

    I didn't saw the banner either on the preview or on Remote preview.

    Some guidance will be very much appreciated. So much info gets confusing for the first time. Is there problem in code? If so, how should be the code? Is that because I did the AdMob account today and it is not working yet? Could it be some problem with AdSense or Google Ads?

    Thanks in advance;

  • First off, rather than using Test mode, have you tried implementing your event sheet using the Google Sample Banner IDs:



    These sample IDs always show test banners for me - replace all of your current add IDs with these sample versions then see if the sample banners appear for you.

    If the sample banners load then you know there's nothing wrong with your event sheet layout but maybe either with the plugin itself (I think it's still undergoing maintenance) or perhaps AdMob doesn't have enough banners to display for you at this time.

    I manage to get the live banners working fine on Android, but very sporadically on iOS - sometimes they show, sometimes they don't. Interstitials always show 100% on both platforms. So perhaps the issue may be solely with banners on iOS, although others on the forums say they've no problems at all getting banners to display on iOS.

    It also may be an issue with the privacy/location settings on your test device - you may want to test on other devices to see if the banners load on them.

  • Bootfit , thanks for the reply.

    Yes I tried the Test IDs.

    I think we need a proper tutorial from Scirra.

    I think the banner does not load, here's why:

    On the start of layout I do: MobileAdvert ~ Configure (and I put the app ID, the publisher ID... and in the 'Privacy Policy' field, what should I insert?);

    Then -On configuration Complete ~ Create Banner (the test one);

    Then -On Banner Ready ~Show banner -and- Set text... (the 'set text' is not triggered, that's I don't think the banner is being loaded).

    And I also have an event -On banner failed to load ~Set text... (which don't work also.. strange?).

    Can you show me how should be the events? Would be a great help because I'm not finding good info on C3 and MobileAdvert.

    Thanks in advance;

  • Hi :) ... just sharing :

    Note : In my experience, Mobile Advert will not show in browser preview

    and I still cannot understand how to use condition "On Configuration ..." according to the manual

    So here is an example my way to make it work :


    1. I use event button "on clicked" to make this example. of course it can be replace with other object event in your game design such as "on start of layout", "on touched object", etc...

    2. I use test id in this example, if you gonna use the real ads in final project, you need to uncheck the "Test Mode" properties, fill the application ID, change the ad unit ID as well.. depends on your AdMob generated ad unit ID

  • henryWIJAYA , OOOHHH YES! It worked. You are damn precise :) Nice guide, kudos, thank you very much ^^

  • Good afternoon,

    I have tried what it says and it has not worked for me, before I had the last stable version and it worked without problem, but today it was updated to the last version and the interstitial announcement does not work.

    Any idea of ​​the problem?

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  • manujorgo

    Yes, I actually just tested and it doesn't work. Either banner or iterstitial or rewarded video.

    Las time I exported it all worked fine.

    Kyatric , don't know if it is elegant to notify you about that, but maybe you could some way with your super powers report to the Scirra guys?

  • My super powers are :

    Everybody has those super powers and it is even better for the person who discovers the bug to make the report as they do have the means to provide a way to reproduce the issue already.

  • Kyatric , I know. But that's so boring to make a github report just for saying that the thing is not working... then someone will make a comment asking for a project file and oh god.

  • Yes, that's why a proper report must be made following the guidelines.

    Not just a useless "OMG DOEZ NOT WORK PLZ FIX" as many "reports" often are.

    Since you do have a project that does not work and so you have a way to provide reproduction steps for the issue, and I don't have such project or reproduction steps, it is best that you do the report.

    It's a couple of minutes writing a few stuff that will help the whole community.

  • manujorgo , for me it's working again. Their spies are watching your posts.

  • I have mentioned the same sort of problem here

    With help from Nepeo, regarding the new GDPR regulations, It got me a bit further but the ads are still failing.

  • Looks like my post in this thread is not working anymore.

    I face weird issue about MobileAdvert on new C3 stable version R120

    I dont know if my issue is same with you guys.

    I make a new thread

    really confusing..

  • Is Mobile Advert plugin work with debug apk?

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