How do I make a DoubleKill / Multikill / Rampage Feature ?

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  • Hello guys,

    I'm currently struggling with the implememtation of a multi-kill feature for my top down shooter.

    I tried to solve it with a variable and the System->Wait expression, but this does not work correctly all the time.

    Any ideas?



  • Add a couple of variables (global or instance) LastKillTime, MultiKillCount.

  • Hi there,

    I decided to make an example for you, because I never actually tried myself.

    Only text won't work good (as expected) if you kill many enemies in a very short time, but that's just because I decided to make it in a specific way.

    Download .cp3 from My Google drive - LINK

  • And hi again...

    This version is just a bit harder to understand, but everything works flawlessly.

    Multikill2 - LINK

    I probably will update this later for myself.

    I won't have multikill feature in my game, but I will have achievements and some messages would need to be displayed. Looks like a start.

    I'm thinking Array would store all incoming messages and then game must display one of them each 3 second until it reaches the last one. Doesn't sounds too hard.

    In game you probably won't have more than 3-4 messages in the same time, but I'll make a room for much more.

  • And here comes Triple Kill! ezpz

    Multikill3! LINK

    Game successfully stores incoming messages so you won't miss any.

    You could add sounds, pictures and anything else you like.

    Left button - Shoot

    Middle button - Kill 'em All (There's 8 enemies so you will have few more Pentakills which you may easily fix, but I required more messages here)

    Right button - Spawn "HELLO" Message

    Current limitation is 98 messages, you can surely spawn more. However I doubt ANY game uses more than 3-4 in the same time.

    I don't even need this in my project right now, but it's nice to have for future use

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  • I’m fairly certain “on destroyed” is is triggered for each instance indavidually. So the pickedcount expression will always just be 1.

  • R0J0hound

    You are right, thanks!

    I learned it the hard way that events like "On timer" can sometimes pick several instances, this made me a bit too cautious.

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