Is there any other documentation on using the GameRecorder object?

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  • I would love to use the GameRecorder object to take simple little video clips of my projects in progress, but I simply cannot get it to work.

    I am aware of the existing documentation from the manual, along with the Browser object documentation.

    Other than these, however, I cannot find any other information at all. No tutorials here, no forum topics, not even any videos on YouTube about this.

    And while the existing GameRecorder object documentation gives very general mentions of ideas like using Invoke Download from the Browser object and mentions encoding, there is no guidance as to what to set the URL (I tried "RecordingURL") or Filename fields to.

    It seems I am able to start a recording, and presumably make it end, in Events with the GameRecorder object.

    If I use "Invoke download" with the Browser object, however, I get a 404 error.

    If I used "Invoke download of string" instead, and use "RecordingURL" as the string, I can get a file downloaded. If I leave the Filename as "mydata.json" I can get a file downloaded, but my video player won't play it. If I try to change the Filename to something like "myvideo.mp4" I can get an .mp4 file, but it's like 12 bytes in size and doesn't play anything in a video player (of course). If I don't include a specific file suffix in that Filename field, I get a .txt file, and the entire text of the file just says "RecordingURL".

    How do I actually get a video file? How, in Construct 3, can I record a section of gameplay then download a file that is actually a video file I can play in a video player? It seems like a great feature to utilize but I am clearly missing something as to how to do so.

    Has anyone ever gotten the GameRecorder/Browser objects to work successfully, and you were able to record gameplay to a usable video file? Is there anyone I can contact for help on how to do this?

    Thank you.

  • Take a look at the built-in screen recording example.

  • I'm really sorry, I truly don't mean to play ignorant (learning lots of other stuff in Construct 3 is going really well for me!), but built-in where exactly? I'd love to check out an example. Is this within the engine itself, or something I can be linked to?

    EDIT: Okay, I think I found it, the Screen Recording one under Intermediate Examples -- going to dig in and check that out. Thank you much!

  • EricVBailey

    Go to View->Start Page and search for 'Game Recorder' then open the project.

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  • EricVBailey

    Go to View->Start Page and search for 'Game Recorder' then open the project.

    I think I found it, thank you much!

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