How do I display a youtube video in an iframe with sandbox enabled?

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  • Would anyone happen to know how to play an embed youtube video (with sandbox enabled) in an iframe without violating this warning from the manual?

    If I enable the allow script and origin the video plays and I can adjust it's attributes, but can't seem to find any other combo that works (disabling the sandbox and using the basic allow works fine).

    I don't use any scripts or html content, just play embeded, I'm not sure that security really even matters?

    What I am trying to achieve is having an iframe pinned to a scrollbar and when the iframe hits the top or bottom of the layout it doesn't change. Presently the iframe content does not change ie, video itself does not shrink as it moves off screen (fullscreen), but the text and play buttons move and cause a "jitter" which is really annoying. All I'm really trying to solve is removing that jitter at top and bottom of layout*

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