How do I display total game time in a load slot?

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  • So I know how to display actual time elapsed during the game thanks to the tutorials! But what I'm wanting to do is have a setup where, when the player turns the game on, they are given the option to load a prior saved game. But I want the load slots to show not only when the load slot was created, but also the time elapsed in the game when it was created, because that's an important part of the game.

    Does that make sense? Any thoughts?

    Thanks everyone!

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  • When you save the game you can save the time, which I assume is a global variable, into local storage. Whenever you launch the application (not the save file), you can check on start of layout if certain local storage values exist and display them, so if "savetime1" exists, you would display it in a text object under save slot 1 or something similar. "savetime1" existing just means you saved the game to slot 1 at some point and there is an elapsed time to load.

  • I will give that a try! Thank you so much!

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