display text object in hud layer of second layout

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  • Hello,

    For simplicity, let me explain my project.

    2 Layouts

    Layout 1 is Start Game; it contains a button to go to Layout 2

    Layout 2 is a world map.

    Layout 2 has two layers: HUD and Map

    On Map there is a player sprite object. It moves with WASD. It moves fine. There's also a tiled background that runs fine.

    On HUD, I have a text object at 0,0. It has a parallax of 0%, 0%. Scale is 100%

    On Layout 2, I have an event sheet that during every tick, the text object shows the x, y coordinates of the player object. (I just did that as a way to learn how to make a HUD)

    Now here's the problem.

    When I debug Layout 2, the text object runs perfectly as a HUD, displaying the player object's x, y coordinates. HAPPY!

    When I debug, starting at Layout 1 and then hit my button to go to Layout 2, my player shows up, my map background shows up, but the text object is not there. (Again, it worked fine when I debugged from the Layout 2.

    I am sure it is something simple. I've followed the Ghost Shooter tutorial, however his example using Score does not have a start page for starting the game, so it's not apples to apples for me to learn.

    Thank you!

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  • how can we help you if we can not look at your project? And what does the debugger say about your text object?

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