How do I display objects by criteria?

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  • Hi.

    I'm creating a guitar app and need to display notes based on certain criteria. (Scale type and mode)

    I was thinking to assign the notes to multiple families to define which notes to make visible. So for instance the object instance "b3" would be a member of the family "minor" and also belong to the family "Triads" and "7th Arpeggio", while the object instance "maj3" would belong to the same families, except of course to "major" instead of "minor"

    Since the menu items that select the Scales and Modes already contain the names "minor", "major" etc, it would be great to use that information to pick the note objects somehow. But I guess the menu item names being strings can't be used to compare with family names being a different category?

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  • Difficult to tell if families are useful because I don't know how the game works. If they are separate objects then you can create by name and there is no use for families.

  • I guess I was thinking inside the box too much. I was trying to compare the string from the menu item and try to find out if the other object's family name would match.

    Instead I can just go the other way around and make the family members look at compare the string of the menu.

    Creat by name might be just what i need in the next step, to spawn the notes.


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