Display google maps in my project?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, and I'm trying to understand how everything work.

    I'm wondering how I could display google maps in my project, and allow user to interact with it. I'm familiar with the google maps api, so that part won't be a problem.

    I've searched everywhere, all I could find was old plugins for Construct 2 that you can't even download anymore.

    What I would need would be to be able to load google maps in an iframe, and be able to place the current position on the map using the lat and long vars that I have.

    Then how would it be possible to get the updated url (that includes the updated information) if the user changed the landmark?

    I just need directions, if anyone have a clue, it would be much appreciated.

    PS: I'd rather not use a plugin (don't even know if you can use plugin with construct 3), I'd like to do everything myself if possible.

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  • Anyone ? Am I asking for something impossible ? Could anyone tell me at least if I'm wrong thinking it's even possible with construct 3 ?

    And sorry if my english is not that good.

  • bobibrown You can use the browser plugin. With Execute JavaScript action you can add a div for the map and set the coords.

    I have not tested with Google map but with Open Street map and Michelin it works.


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