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  • Hello. My name is Cosmin and I need some help from you guys please.

    I'm making a game that will have 48 levels.

    My game is a physics game and I made an event sheet for all 48 levels.

    I managed to implement the ad code with MobileAdvert plugin, so that the ad will run at the beginning of the level, but because I have a single event sheet for all the levels, the ad it's shown at the beginning of every level, and that is too much.

    My question is that:

    How can I manage to display the ads once at every 4 levels?, or even randomly?. I mean at the beginning of level 1 and at the beginning of level 5 and so on.

    Thank you very much for the support.

  • I would just add a global var called something like LevelNum and add 1 to it every time a level plays. Then, when it gets to 4, show the ad, then reset the global back to 0.

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  • Ok. Thank you very much. I was thinking of something like that but my idea was not very clear.

    I will try like you said. Thank you again.

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