Disable the collision polygon of an individual tile

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  • Tilemaps: option to disable the collision polygon of an individual tile

    I can't find this option anywhere ...

    Where is it?


  • Ensure you have the tilemap bar open, the select the tilemap you want to edit. Double click the tile you wish to edit. On the right hand side a properties bar should be visible with a single check box "Use collision" untick it.

  • Nepeo

    No way to do this at run time?

  • I don't believe so. It don't remember it being discussed prior to the implementation of the feature.

    I believe the data is baked in at export time, and shared for all instances of the tilemap. So making it tweakable at runtime would be somewhat complex at this point. Possible, but some good arguments would need to be made.

  • Yeah there's not a mess of situations that would call for it.

    Destructible terrain maybe, or hollow shapes. It would be more of an ease of use thing.

    Then again if setting the collision is cpu intensive it would be almost useless.

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  • Taximan

    Best way to do this at runtime is to have one visible tilemap for graphics and an invisible tilemap underneath it for collisions. You can delete and add tiles to the collision tilemap

  • this thread is talking about the new feature added in todays beta release which allows you to disable the collisions on a per tile basis in a tilemap. Which means you don't have to have a separate invisible tilemap for collisions anymore. Although that approach does allow for additional flexibility in how your collisions behave at runtime.

    newt you could always have 2 copies of each tile, one with collisions disabled. I would have thought normally you'd want to change the visual aspect of a tile if it went from solid to passable. Even if you didn't this would give you the flexibility to do it later if you wanted.

  • Nepeo

    It's not that important imo for runtime. Like I said it's mainly for ease of use, and maybe edge cases like user generated content.

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