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  • Is this the best way to make 8 direction movement and animation for player sprite? I found it stopped working for some reason so I reconstructed the event sheet.

    Link to event sheet: ibb.co/KDLyRqP

    He can't move diagonally down/left but is ok moving any other direction? I don't know why this happens, i've tested pretty much everything.

    He also only plays one walking animation - the left walk animation, regardless of which direction he's going in. I've set up the other 7 animations but they don't show.

    It was working before. It might be the update affecting this. Am I missing something?

  • Hi, try to add "Else" condition to the "Within angle" conditions, also I don't think you need to duplicate the "Simulate Left/Right" events for the Up and Down moving conditions;

    Now another method would be to create two text variables for your player, one for Left/Right and one for Up/Down;

    When Left pressed (and not down) set variable to "Left", when Right pressed set to "right", if any of those key released, set to ""; Same for Up and Down with the second variable;

    When moving, set player animation to ""Walk_" & Variable1 & Variable2", you just have to rename your walk animations, so if Left/Right variable = Left and Up/Down = "Up", the game will pick the animation named "Walk_LeftUp"; :

    The upside of the second method is that is uses mostly triggers instead of loops, downside is it makes it a little complicated to keep the diagonal animations when the player releases the keys, and so needs some more customization

  • i also want eight direction diagonally too. and this is what i wanted. but im also kinda newbie.

    i would like ask some, here you have made actions for left, right , up and down from left.right and up.down. but how can we set up diagonals.

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  • thank you dop2000

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