Different Music For Different Rooms Within Layout. Please Help!

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  • Hi,

    Im very new to Construct 3.

    I'm making a game using the pre-made 'KIWI STORY' as a template.

    It's set so that each layout has different music, which I can swap-out in the event sheet easily. Great!

    The problem is:

    Within each layout, there are multiple levels/rooms. I want each room to have it's own music. Like so:

    (link to image: drive.google.com/open )

    It feels like Iv'e tried everything, and looked everywhere, but to no avail. I'd be so grateful for any help. Thanks :)

    PS, heres some event sheets that may be helpful?

  • Add different invisible sprite/tile on each cave, add an event when the player collides with each of em Add two action

    Action 1. (To play the audio on the same layout) audio>play>selectthemusic and set the tag

    Action 2. (for stopping the previous music) audio>stop put the tag which you define before

    Hope it helps.

  • Add some invisible sprite to detect collision on the exit then have player on collision with the sprite, stop current music and play the relevant music, as they teleport to the next room.

  • It works! Thank you so much 619_RM + pinkie!

    There’s one thing though: How do I get it to only trigger once?

    - When the player dies and respawns. It triggers the track to start playing again, without stopping the one that was triggered last. So you get two versions (or more) of the same track playing at once and it sounds like a bag of clocks.

    Here’s the current event sheet:

    Thank you for your help and patience with me.

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  • Stop the audio on player death :)

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