Where is the dictionary editor?

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  • Hi I read that I can access the dictionary editor in the Project window but I'm seeing nothing. Additionally there is nothing obvious in the dictionary object's properties. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to put my key/value pairs. See image..

    How do I find the dictionary editor? Am I going mad?

    Version 94.2 stable Windows 10

    Note: I have the 'personal plan' subscription which should include the dictionary editor.


  • Not really obvious how this works, but it's actually based on a data file, so right-click on the Files folder in the Project tab. Then you do New -> Array, Dictionary, ...

    You then use JSON to load your dictionary with the data file.

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  • Found it. You need to right click files and then add a new dictionary.

    I thought that when I added a dictionary object that the dictionary 'file' would be created automatically, but it seems they are two different things altogether.

    EDIT: Thanks BlackHornet, I replied just as I got your answer. All sorted now!

  • oh my god thanks so much for this!

    The online tutorial for construct 3 is horrible.

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