Determining the "absolute zero" for sound

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  • As I understand it, 0 db is basically the "original" volume level for a given audio file (master volume of the device notwithstanding). Going negative will, of course, lower the volume; going higher will increase it.

    My question is, though, what is the db you can set the volume to at which point there is officially no sound? It wouldn't make much sense to keep telling the game to continually lower the db when, realistically, the volume is already nill anyway.

    This is my first real jump into manipulating sound levels apart from audio playback actions on the event sheet, so I want to gather all the info I can.

    I'm trying to set up a basic "master volume" option on my game's title screen to set the music and the SFX volume levels during the game.

    Thanks for your help!

  • -infinity

    And yes, you can use that as the expression. There’s probably a low enough negative number you can use too if you like.

  • Just tried to lerp from 0 to -infinity.

    lerp(0, -infinity, 0.01) so you would get 100 steps from 0 to infinity, but that didn't compute as i expected... lol

  • 20*log10(t)

    Where t is any number from 0 to 1 will do it.

  • In my games I have a slider for Music and Sound volumes (affecting variables MusicVolume and SFXVolume), going from 0 to 10

    If it's 0 I stop all sounds or mute the music, and have a check to only play new sounds/music if volume is above 0.

    If it's 1 to 10, I set the volume to (2 * SFXVolume) - 20, since the volume parameter help says -10 is about half volume and 0 is full volume.

  • I use -90 db as silent. You cannot really hear anything beyond that, so once volume reaches -90 I stop lowering it.

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  • Great info!! Thank you! I'll work on plugging these in soon.

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