Determine if value is text or number?

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  • I'm calling a function with parameters from an external XML file. As such, all values returned are strings. Is there a way to determine if the retrieved value is a string or a number, then convert it accordingly using str() or int()?

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  • Construct does type casting. If you put a string, which is a number into a number-variable, it will be a number. If it's a string and you try to put it into a number-variable you get a NaN (not a Number). You can test your variable if it's a NaN. So you only have to put the return value in a number-variable an look if it's a NaN. If it's a NaN it is a string otherwise a number.

    Something like only her comes the string from a Textbox:

    Global number myNumber = 0

    + Button: On clicked

    -> System: Set myNumber to TextBox.Text

    + System: myNumber is NaN

    -> Text: Set text to "String"

    + System: Else

    -> Text: Set text to "Number"

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