How do I detect text object overlapping something else?

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  • It seems the overlapping or 'colliding with' condition is not available for text boxes, which is odd since they have a definite edge (they can be bound to layout for example). This is a real bummer for trying to make educational content. Can anyone suggest a way around this? I cannot pin the text to a sprite, that's not an option in this case.

  • If you need to detect when text is colliding/overlapping with a sprite, you can use sprite as the primary object in the event:

    Sprite is overlapping Text

  • It's two letters (numbers) overlapping each other.

  • Why pinning a sprite is not an option? This would be the easiest solution. You can attach it with hierarchy instead of Pin.

    You can also try System Pick Overlapping Point condition. You'll have to repeat it for 4 points of the Text object - top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Use Text.BBox*** expressions

  • Same problem, same situation. Construct3 is great but they seem to forgot that there are educational games too. Im looking for a workaround solution detecting the registration point of texts. if two registration point are the same, texts are overlapping. This solution just works on certain types of games.

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  • What is a registration point? An origin? You can get that with textinput.x and textinput.y and compare how you want.

    Or used the already presented solution of checking collisions and overlap with an invisible helper sprite.

    That has nothing to do with an educational game or not.

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