How do I detect if player is playing a pirated version?

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  • Hey guys.

    So, there is a game called Secrets of Grimdea. I... played the pirated version for a while and ended up buying the game (not very proud of the pirated bit). One really cool thing that I noticed that is different between these two versions is that, when something is loading, on the original version you get hints like "Don't forget to equip your best items" and stuff like that. But when you're on the pirated version, instead of these hints, you get messages like "We worked really hard on this game, please consider buying it".

    Does anyone have an idea on how to do that on Construct 2 or 3? That being, detecting if the version the player is playing is a pirated one, and changing some bits of the game if he is, like the hints on Secrets of Grimdea.


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  • Hello marcosfl,

    I'm not deep in this topic, but I think it first of all depends on what kind of copy protection is used before you can say what happens when it is bypassed.

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