How do I detect if player is from Europe in a mobile game?

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  • To display the GDPR consent dialog I need to detect if player is in Europe.

    The official Mobile Advert can do this, but I am using a third-party addon to show ads. I can't add Mobile Advert just for this one small feature, because two ad plugins in one project don't work.

    Is there any other way?


  • dsisplay a mesage asking your users if they'Re from europe

  • Why not just have a simple text under start game button. By clicking play you consent to possible use of cookies and, bla, bla, bla.

    And takes care of any current or future requirements imposed on us by mostly clueless ad corporations.

    Nobody reads that crap anyway, but it should cover the requirements

  • BadMario

    Why not just have a simple text under start game button. By clicking play you consent to possible use of cookies and, bla, bla, bla.

    Not sure if this will be GDPR-compliant.. Need to do some research.

    rafaeltrigo Thanks! I wonder how reliably this service ( works for anonymous requests. Are they able to detect how many requests are originated from my app if I am not using authentication?

  • You could just include gdpr consent even if they aren't in Europe.

  • oosyrag This may annoy some players and potentially reduce the revenue from ads.

  • May be after some amount of requests they will disable anonymous cross-domain , and the price to pay for a key doesnt worth it.

    .This has a max of 15.000 requests per hour .

    .This has a free database and has an api with limit of 1 request per second

    .This looks like its free ( I never used )

    I know some people that prefer using a database inside of the game , the professional way is to pay for a key , but only worth if the game has thounsands of downloads

    Sometimes when we use json apis Calling from the ajax plugin from construct 3 , doesnt bring the data and we have to use javascript XMLHttpRequest


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  • rafaeltrigo Thank you for the links!

    Do you know how services like can track how many requests my app makes? I am not planning to cheat them, I'm just trying to understand - if the AJAX request is anonymous, and the app is installed on different devices, how can they count these requests?

  • As they doesnt require a key , should be by ip address from Mobile and Pc using a static IP

    If the project is hosted on a server maybe more difficult to track , because the server can use several dns ( or not ) .

    If using a VPN maybe they cant track but its a risk to the vpn IP get banned

    If who will make the request is the user , they will make only once the request from that Ip , so "in theory " shold be ok using the api , because allways the request will come from a different Ip Address !


  • just ajax this

  • Hi dop2000

    I also have to implant a GDPR module on my webapp and would be interested to know how you deal with it

  • Laurent I decided to use one of the free geolocation services posted above. My biggest worry is that it may stop working, so I'll probably add a backup one - if the first AJAX request failed, try to get location from a different service.

  • I meant, how will you make the accept/decline button and what will happen for your game regarding the user choice ?

  • How do you make the buttons is up to you. If the user does not consent with data collection, you should configure whatever Ad plugin you are using to show non-personalized ads, disable any analytics plugins etc.

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