How do I detect mute?

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  • Is there anyone that has managed to detect if a user of your app has the device on mute? Especially iPads which can have the software and hardware mute activated. I make apps for kids and have probably answered well over 100 emails (and received some bad reviews) from users questioning why we have no sound in our app. It has always been that the device, more specifically iPad is sat on "mute" from within the control center.

    I would like to create a message that pops up if the user has the device on mute so that they can turn it off.

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  • Oh no, receiving emails like that must be so frustrating...

    that's the info I found, seems like it's not possible.

    alternatively you could just do a little hint on the loading screen or so, regardless if muted or not.

  • Thanks for replying! Yeah, it is pretty frustrating but at the same time very rewarding cause I almost every time can help them solve the issue! 😅 Thanks for the link, and yes, I have browsed several threads all over and it seems like it is not possible. The loading screen info is a pretty good option. My games load very fast so the loading screen is barely visible on modern devices. I guess another option is to create a starting layout that shows this message and then just use the system "wait" function and show this message. I have a info page within the app under parental control which also informs about the different mute settings. I guess I have done what I can! 😊

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