Destination Out effect on layer makes everything black

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  • I want to make the color of a shape a gradient, which dynamically changes when the shape moves around the screen. (Just like the gradient chatroom theme on Facebook messenger.)

    I tried to achieve this by creating a layer with the gradient image, add the shape on another layer on top of that, set the effect of the shape to "Destination Out.", and enabling "Force Own Texture" on the upper layer. When I do this, it perfectly works as I want.

    The problem is, my game has a lot of objects and I should be able to turn the gradients on and off (because I'm making it as an additional theme), so it's really inefficient to manually adjust the effects for every object.

    (And also there was this weird bug where newly created instances from the same object appeared invisible, when the manually placed instances worked fine)

    Well, simple solution, just make the effect of the layer to "Destination Out", right?

    But when I did that, every object on that layer turned completely black.....any ideas?

  • Layer: Force own texture

    Object: Destination Out

  • please read first

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  • That's the only way it works.

  • Then why does the layer effect exist?

    And also why doesn't it apply to newly created instances?

  • It might work on a layer, but not with force own texture.

    Thats just how destination out as a mask works with Sprites over other Sprites.

    You don't need force own texture if you are pasting into Drawing Canvas for instance.

    No idea on why its not working on new instances.

    Make an example, file post it.

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