On desktop, at what point is Image Memory Use considered too much/intense/problematic?

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  • As someone without much knowledge on this kind of topic (I jus' wanna make some gamez, awrite! ;) ), I eventually came across that one "Dont waste memory" article on here and, as a result, I've started to worry a lot over some of my own choices that could perhaps be more efficient, but I keep asking myself if I might be overdoing it or simply worrying too much.

    Is there some kind of threshold for memory usage? Like, "if I go beyond this, most players will witness performance issues and whatnot". I don't intend to make mobile games and I use low resolutions, so I believe I should have a fair bit of margin, correct? But still...!

    I'm assuming it really depends on a whole bunch of things, but if there is some kind of constant or guideline or something... I'd like to hear it. Maybe the Scirra guys have already covered it and I happened to miss it?

    In any case, thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

    ...Or night?

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  • That depends on your target audience, and their hardware.

    If you test, and develop on less than optimal hardware, which is usually ideal for debugging, target no more than half the ram there.

  • newt

    I see. I don't believe my computer is super advanced, so I'll go by that rule, then. Thank you :)

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