Desktop / mobile scaling change possible?

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  • Hi All,

    I've been building a first very simple game which has been going well. I have scaling setup as 'Scale outer' to maximise screen estate on mobile and re-position / anchor things which again works great.

    I'd like to change the scaling mode to 'Letterbox scale' on desktop but can't quite figure out how to do this? I see the event system condition 'Is on mobile' which I can invert to detect desktop but can't see how I can change the scaling?

    The game is aimed at mobile but for desktop I don't want it to allow the extra horizontal screen estate as an ultrawide screen (like I have!) makes the game unplayable. Ideally it should take up as much space as it can in 'Letterbox scale' but it would also be useful to be able to set to a fixed size on desktop if needed.

    FYI At the moment this is all just running non fullscreen i.e. windowed in a 'normal' browser window.

    Hopefully this makes some sense! Thanks all :)

  • I have the same problem but do the opposite, it'S set to integer scale by default but when on mobile it waits for a gesture to request full-screen stretch outer. It does not work very well, but it's the best I got

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  • I was speaking with another C3 dev last night and his strategy is to always have 'Scale Outer' set so mobile works well (when you adjust game-play elements to use all the space) and then for desktop either embed the game at a fixed size or use a little JS to resize the same as 'Letterbox scale'.

    One other way I thought of to have two builds and detect your user type (mobile / desktop) via JS in the HTML outside C3 and present the correct version although that means building two versions and I'd imagine won't work if your for portals and so on. I could be wrong, I'm very new to HTML5 gaming dev and deployment.

    Be interested to hear how people are packaging their games for portals and mobile and so.

    Thanks all!

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