Delay animation to shoot gun?

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  • I cant get the ammo to project after the animation finishes.

    Problem. I shoot but the animation snaps back to idle , looking glitchy.

    How do I get the bullet to fire after I reach the final frame?

    Also I want it to loop at the final two frames so that he keeps his arms up in shooting position .


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  • Edited: just seen ur file, first you have to disable animation speed -43 to 32 on your "shoot" animation and set its repeat from 9999999999 to 1 and disable loop.

    then add a "trigger once" on the 1st condition in "idling" group,

    then check for other events where you might loop/or not having a trigger once on conditions-that fire actions like Player1-"set animation" and if they don't have a green arrow toward right that means they will loop, you need to add condition "X is not pressed" or x is pressed and right click invert on the condition list, so they don't interfere with your shooting animation.

    after u done that they should work, also make sure your shooting animation is triggered at the bottom of the event code, and rest of other animations are above it.

    so your structure should look like

    idling (this should check that player isn't running/jumping/shooting/animation Shoot is playing inverted.)

    running (this doesn't need to check only be used when key is pressed or key is down)

    jumping (this needs to check only once if player has pushed button to jump)

    shooting (this needs to check only once if player has pushed button to shoot)

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