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  • I'm having a problem trying to work out why an object isn't being picked. My code is picking all objects with a certain value and then picking again on another value, but it's not then picking correctly at the next piece of code. I'm sure I can work it out, but for future reference, when I'm looking at the debugger like this and the engine picks an object, is there a way to know which object is picked? All I can think of is to manually create a variable, load the object UID into the variable and then find the object manually in the debugger. Or am I missing it in the debugger info somewhere?

  • I often use a combination of debugger and browser log. For example, in your first picking event you can add: Browser Log "First pick: " & Object.PickedCount

    In the second picking event: Browser Log "Second pick: " & Object.PickedCount & ", UID: " & Object.UID

    Then run in the Debug Mode, open browser console, check the log and instances.

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  • Thanks, that's a good idea to use the browser log. Not sure why I didn't think of that considering that I've just finished playing around with a large PHP project and was using it all the time.....

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