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  • I am unsure if this is truly a bug or if it's just because of the demands of my project...


    When I load my game via debug, selecting any - literally ANY - object instance takes a long time to bring up any info about it. It's like I never clicked it at all if not for the fact that eventually the info will populate.

    Worse, the bounding box - the red dotted line that highlights the object in the game window - also lags. When the debug info populates, the bounding box will, as well, but if the actual object is moving the box will not update in real time. There is anywhere from a minute to several minutes before anything happens.

    The game I'm working on has numerous roads and other road-based objects in the layout, as well as several layers. But I've seen games with lots more going on and it doesn't seem to matter. When I play the game normally - as far as I have it - it doesn't have any noticeable issues, other than the occasional "stagger" or drop in framerate at random times. I think that may be due more to my laptop than anything else (even though it's still very new).

    I've been working on setting groups active or inactive depending on the need in order to reduce the amount of events the game has to process at any one time. I'm also working on reducing the number of objects consistantly in the layout to reduce how much it has to redraw every tick. Still, the debug persists in its laggy-ness.

    I'm using the most recent version of Chrome.

    Here is my current WIP .c3p :

    The controls are:

    UP arrow: accellerate

    DOWN arrow: brake/reverse

    LEFT/RIGHT arrows: turn

  • If you use Firefox its known bug, debug in firefox on my pc runs 20fps.

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  • Ah. I'm using Chrome (forgot to mention that in my post... Now updated). So maybe this is worth posting to the bug site for Ashley to look into.

    Thanks for the info!

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