How do I debug in NW.js ?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I've been using C2 for a while and I'm trying C3 to see if it's worth migrating a big project.

    I'm mostly satisfied but my biggest problem so far is that my project is 100% aimed at desktop (with a Steam release) so I'm going the NW.js export route.

    In C2 I could easily debug my game in nw.js, with the inspector and all. In C3 I haven't found a way to do it... but is there ?

    I cannot debug any other way, for example in a chrome browser, because I'm writing savefiles on the user's computer in the form of xml files.

    Steam is the biggest pc store so I suppose others have been debugging their Construct 3 games before me in nw.js. How do you do it ?

    Thanks in advance for your help <3

    I like a lot of what I see in C3 but my subscription is still hanging.

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  • After downloading the desktop version I'm glad to see you CAN debug in NW.js there :D

    But I'm reading the desktop version of C3 is going to be discontinued soon ? Has it been stated if the nw.js debug mode will be made available in the browser based C3 ? :/

  • There are still some details to sort out and I'm not sure what it will look like yet, but we will make sure there is a replacement for debugging using NW.js after the desktop downloads are retired.

  • Thank you Ashley for your answer. This is very reassuring. I guess I'll keep on using the desktop version as long as possible then switch to the browser C3 when this feature is implemented :)

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