How do I de-activate an effect on instances when clicking?

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    Hello friends, here is a simple c3p file

    There is a text box, and an instance of it. I am using the BetterOutline effect, and I want to be able to click on either piece of text, and have only the one I just clicked on show the outline. As it is they both stay outlined.

    Many thanks for any assistance.


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    I just tried to download your file, but unfortunately it's not possible to open it since I don't have the BetterOutline addons installed that you use in your project.

    So without seeing anything, I suggest you to use UID of each object, and based on the clicked object, activate the effect by making a pick of the UID.

    If you can, try to upload a screen of your event sheet. In this way it will be possible to understand your situation and be able to help you even if we have not installed the BetterOutline addon.

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