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  • Not done yet though. I tried to manually recreate the event sheet in the example from the link you sent me and the slider only slides up and down, not left and right like it should. Also, the sliders are on the options menu, and you start off on the main menu, and going to Options menu stops the music that's playing, and if you tell Audio object to play the music at start of layout, it restarts the music which is sooooooooo unprofessional.

    Again, could you help me? I'm very new and even when I tried to use Construct Classic I had huge problems, so I'm new to the entire Construct series.

  • Thanks in advance!

  • You need to give music audio a tag (for example "music"), and on start of layout check if "music" tag is playing. And only start music if it's not already playing.

    On start of layout
    ..Audio tag "music" is NOT playing -> Audio play music.mp3 with tag "music"

    As for the slider, you probably set it to move up and down in drag&drop behavior properties (if you are using drag & drop). Or made a mistake in one of the events (put "y" instead of "x" or something like that).

    I suggest you check out tutorials, there are tons of information for beginners:

  • 1. Ok. I forgot to mention another problem. When you told the other user that setting the volume above 0 db wouldn't do anything, I decided to start my slider position set at the full volume mark, because my music starts out at 0 db. When I start my options menu, the slider position is at the halfway point on the slider bar? UGH.

    2. Event Sheet > Add condition > System > On start of layout > Add action > Audio > If tag is not playing? Sorry but that made no sense, because there isn't even a condition for Audio "tag is not playing", and there isn't an action either.

    3. C3 glitch?!? My Event Sheet code for the slider is all X and X and more X, not a single typo with Y. My Drag&drop WAS set for both X and Y, and when I set it to X, nothing worked as the Drag&drop didn't allow Y dragging but something else isn't allowing X dragging. I double checked my event sheet and there is no Y! If you guys say this is one big glitch, then I have to go tell support, but I need to make sure it's not just me doing something wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 2. Add event -> Audio -> Is tag playing. After that right-click this event and select "Invert". And voila - you get "Audio tag is NOT playing"!

    That's why I recommended to start with tutorials.

    As for other problems, I can't help you without seeing your project file.

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  • OH! Thank you, I feel so silly.

  • But I don't have a way to share my project file without paying money for something like Dropbox. Would Google drive or something free work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dropbox is free if you don't need much space. Google drive should also work.

  • 2. Add event -> Audio -> Is tag playing. After that right-click this event and select "Invert". And voila - you get "Audio tag is NOT playing"!

    Sorry but that didn't work...

  • But when I went to sign up for Dropbox, they were showing me paid plans.

  • I've been using dropbox for free for many years. There are lots of other free file sharing services.

  • Thanks, on my way!

  • I hope this works.

  • The link you gave is to your personal dropbox. You need to create a public link to the file.

    Also, what exactly do you want me to look at? You posted your questions almost a month ago! You still haven't found a solution yourself?

  • Eh? Ok, I'll try again. I've NEVER used dropbox before.

    The options menu. I'm having HUGE problems with the music volume and sound effects slider bars. Go ahead and read what I said in the past, also, thank you SO much for helping me with this, and I'm sorry if I am bothering you.

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