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  • Has anyone figured out a simple way of having a custom movement, or even a moveto behaviour slide along a solid?

    I used to use The Games Factory back in the day, and that managed it with ease. When I try to do it in Construct, my only option is to have the sprite stop. So if I move into a solid, it will not bounce, it will not slide, it simply stops. In order to free it, I have to move 180 degrees from the solid object.

    I'm currently tempted to change the movement to a physics object, because I know that it will slide easily.

    So yeah, anyone figure this out? I've seen lots of people struggling with it in other topics, but I'm currently making complicated systems to achieve what should be easy.

    I've used the Push Out Solid action on the custom movement, and that can teleport me to the wrong side if I turn too sharply (but that's been like this since C2... and that's incredibly not considered a glitch), and it can also do PushOut Nearest, which somehow increases my speed and slides me up very quickly, but down very slowly.

    So yeah... atm, it's not remotely what I'd consider useful, so if anyone has a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

    I'm using a gamepad for control, so 360 degrees of movement, rather than 8.

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