Crisp pixels on retro layout?

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  • I'm using the retro style layout (180 x 320) and I have pixel-perfect sprites and tiled backgrounds.

    If you look at the attached image of a zoomed in portion of the screen, you can see that the bomb (sprite) is pixel perfect but the grey boxes (tiled backgrounds) look like they're anti-aliased. The grey boxes have pixel-rounded corners and a single line of light and dark shading at the top/bottom but they should still look pixel-perfect.

    What settings do I need to apply to make all sprite/tiled-backgrounds etc look crisp? I currently have:

    Thanks all :)

  • It won't be pixel-perfect unless you use "Letterbox integer scale". The normal letterbox scale can do fractional scaling which doesn't look right with pixel art. You probably also want to set fullscreen quality to "low" so it renders at low resolution instead of high resolution.

    If you create a new project and tick "Optimize for pixel art" it applies all these settings for you.

  • Ashley Using Scale Outer still provides a crisp pixel art look. Right? At least, in my project looks good enough. After all, that and scale inner is our only options to avoid black bars.

  • Scale Outer can still do fractional scaling, so can result in inconsistently sized pixels.

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  • Ashley Yes, I noticed that. So, our best options to support multiple screen sizes using pixel art is scale outer/scale inner then?

  • My initial question was more to do with the fact that the bomb is a sprite and has perfect pixels, whereas the boxes are tiled backgrounds and look anti-aliased. Why do sprites look pixel-perfect while tiled backgrounds don't?

    If one displays perfectly then why not the other?

  • It's impossible to say without seeing an example project. It could well be rendering correctly, and just using a certain combination of scaling.

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