Creating select player menu but for two player selected

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  • Hi

    Im creating select player menu. It will select two players from roster of five players.

    There will be ready button to confirm selection.

    I imagine the selection cannot be two same selected at the same time. And when a player already selected, when we press the player icon it will be gone from the selection.

    I cant figure how to remove the selection when we select the respective player button or, return the player icon back to active when max 2 players has been selected.

    Here what i've been working on and some illustration, I hope its clear enough.

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  • You could give each icon an instance variable to identify, so numbered 1,2,3,4,5

    Have each player as a global variable, and assign them this number on selected.

    So if player 1 picks 3 then P1=3, if player 2 picks 2 then P2=2

    Then you can compare what P1 and P2 are and make them invisible. When you reset you set P1 and P2 to 0 and therefore icons reset.

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