Creating objects with properties from information in an array?

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  • I think construct 3 is incredible, but I have problems understanding how to dynamically create objects and still organize them on the screen.

    as I didn’t find anything so accurate, I would like to help everyone create an example of it in my eyes it should be a tutorial by the developer "How to create dynamic objects in the best way"

    for that I made the layout and tried something, but it is still not working. here the first image represents the entry of information such as name, duration, time and an image that would later fill the object with information when the layout is started

    for each line in the matrix the code would create the white object with the texts in its container with the information contained in the columns such as name, duration and image, all properly arranged in this case in a scroll bar

    this is what i managed to do until eating any help is welcome, in the meantime i will keep trying

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  • I don't see anywhere in the code where you load the contents of the array in the array object type. You can do that using the ajax plugin.

    Maybe you can check some video's on my youtube channel. A lot of them use arrays and dynamic content creation.

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