Creating a layer for lighting effects that "skips" a specific layer below it

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  • Hello.

    I was wondering if it's possible to create an effect that simulates sunrise in the following way.

    The layout has 3 layers. The layers are in the following order (first ones being placed further below in Z order).

    1. Sky.

    2. Ground.

    3. Skyline objects (items that may create a silhouette over the Sky layer and are also visible above the Ground layer).

    Now what I want is to create is a lighting effect that only affects Ground and Silhouette layers, not the Sky layer. Say I create a new 4th layer called "Effects" for this purpose and place it above all the previous layers. Is it possible to make it so this layer does not affect the Sky layer, even though the Sky layer is below the Effects layer in Z-order.

    Help much appreciated!

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  • Anyone got any suggestions?

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