How do I create a word search engine and analyser in Construct 3 ?

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  • I want to create a search engine which when given a list of words along with the name of that list can filter all the English words inside that list and then store that information for retrival and accept only a certain queries,For example-

    1)List name-"Colours"

    Words inside the list-"टोपी,बरसाती,जोड़ी,मोज़े",

    Queries-"How any words in the Colour list contain ी"

    Information-"3 words"


    2)List name-"Colours"

    Words inside the list-"टोपी,बरसाती,जोड़ी,मोज़े",

    Queries-"How many three letter words in the Colour contain ी"

    Information-"3 words"


    And so I want this search engine to be able to filter words by List,Its Number of letters letters contained by a word,by symbols contained by a word in the words of a chosen list and also by the order of the symbols in the unfiltered words of a chosen list for example-Query-"Which word or words contain ी as its first symbol" and also to be able to sort by the number of symbols in a word(from the highest or from the lowest) and also by the number of words in a letter.

    Along with the outputs to be with bullet points with one word on each line along with a button and a difficulty slider with a drop down list containing the options "Having Difficulty with the order of letters"and "Having difficulty with symbol in the letter" which can be stored and due to this the search engine can have to another option "Colour and sort words by difficulty" where it will colour and sort symbols and the order of the symbols which the user finds difficult which can be coloured and sorted according to the difficulty rating given by the user and I request the community to make this search engine along with the changes they want to make to help others to learn different languages as this tool will be very useful for people who want to learn a new language and immediately improve the accuracy of their spelling as by using this tool they can quickly find which symbols are mostly used when writing colours or other types of information according to their number of alphabets,Thank You.

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  • This problem can be broken down into a few parts which are as follows-

    1) Storing the name of a list along with the list.(By array,dictionary,variables)

    2)Calculating the number of symbols present in each word(By RegEx)

    3)Calculating the order of symbols in each word(By variable actions,ex-Add to variable)

    4)Storing the feedback of the user (By array,dictionary,variables)

    5)Averaging the difficulty rating given by the user to a symbol or the order of symbols in a word(By variables and math operations)

    6)Identifying a list based on its name(By RegEx)

    6)Giving the statistics of the quantity of words,letters and symbols of the list(By RegEx and Variables).

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