Create a success layout after completing a game

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  • Can anyone help me please! I am trying to create a success page which displays after the player has completed a number of tasks, the layout would only appear when a number of tiles have been correctly overlaid with the correct tiles and are in the appropriate order! The success page would flag up sound and images in congratulations. I imagine there is some code which I need to apply, but I can't come up with the answer. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  • Perhaps something along the lines of...

    System > Score = xxx > System > Go to layout (layout name)

    * Replace this with your required variables...

  • Thanks! I'll give that a try - sadly doesn't give me the solution as it doesn't link to the success page!

  • Sadly it will not respond and doesn't provide the solution, doesn't link to the success page! But thank you for your help.

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  • I did something simular.

    Just have a new layer.. have it invisible until required. That way it can continuesly update information. If there is a death clause disable it when the layer is visible.

    Alternatively if you insist on a new layout. Have an array to store global values so you can easily transfer them.

    Just use load layout . Careful on going between layouts tho. It will reset everything apart from values stored in the array or on an object with persist behaviour. Global variables can be called on separate layouts. But it only works on a fluke for me :/

  • Many Thanks, you have helped me refocus.

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