How do I create a simple "tanks" game with projectile physics?

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  • Hello coders. New to C3 here. Wondering if C3 can make it simple to create a game between 2 tanks (classic game) where user sets the angle and fires. So the gun would move up/down viewed from the sides of two-facing tanks (as opposed to being viewed top-down on the turrets) depending on the angle value chosen. The bullet/projectile should follow general formula of a projectile's trajectory (based on user's selection of speed or acceleration?...bullet property as speed and acceleration and gravity). And the distance should be close to realistic. Wind speed factor calculation would be great. I have the general formula (somewhere tucked away) for calculations but would like to know what params of the bullet behavior (unless there's another to use) I should get from user, and more importantly if it can make a bullet/projectile sprite follow the path/trajectory properly given those params. TIA!

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  • Yes. Use the bullet behaviour.

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