How do I create a save/load system?

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  • I probably have a lot of misinformation but I read in the forums that relying on the save/load slot system built into C3 is bad because you can just clear your browser cookies and the player loses their saves. And that if you edit a scene and the user downloads the new version of your game, the save slot will load the old data / not be updated.

    So how do I go about creating a file based / more reliable save/load system? All the info I can find on this talks about the save slots or the info is for C2.

    I don't think I need the intricate details, but a video or text guide would be really helpful.

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  • For a browser game you have two options - browser storage (either using System Save/Load, or LocalStorage plugin), or cloud storage. Browser storage may be lost if player clears browsing data, but for many simple games this is not a big issue, and it's much easier to implement.

    System Save action saves everything, so yes, it may restore old level layout. You can try adding NoSave behavior to objects which you don't want to save, but this may not work very well in some games.

    With LocalStorage you can save just the information you need - for example player stats, current level number, amount of gold etc.


    If you want to use cloud storage, take a look at services like Playfab, Firebase etc. You will need to compose a block of data with information you wish to save, and send it to the server.


    By the way, most of С2 manuals and tutorials are still relevant for C3, so don't discard them.

  • Thank you for the reply! I’m a little wary of older guides because I’m still new to C3 and I’m not sure what’s changed.

    So localstorage is what I should be looking into, probably? I don’t want to cloud save but since I’m working on an adventure game, I need something more reliable than the save slots.

  • Local Storage data is also saved in browser storage. So if player decides to clear cookies or browsing data, it may be lost.

    With Local Storage you can choose what to save. It may be a single bit of data, or lots of variables, arrays, dictionaries etc.

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