How do I create a restaurant ratings app?

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  • Hello all:) I was wondering, if it would be possible to create a rating app for restaurants using Construct 2? For example; if multiple people were on the app rating the same restaurant, the ratings would change in real time. I know it possible with Construct 2, I'm just wondering, how would I go about doing it?

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  • You would want something that would connect to a server like Firebase, or Parse.

  • Thanks, but how do I go about actually coding it so that real-time changes occur across everyone's app once a button/star is pushed, in C2, as well as, integrate it with Firebase? I just don't know where to even start with this project, but I'd really like to do it. Can someone please help me out, or point me in the direction of a decent tutorial?

  • An actual realtime update would prove problematic as you would need the app to automatically refresh every X seconds. This would a) Use a persons data and b) deplete mobile power. Ultimately who would want their restaurant app to be updating every 30 seconds. I wouldn't think that the realtime value is there for it. Waiting for a table, perhaps.

    A better option would be to a) pull data as you load the screen, and/or b) provide a 'refresh' button.

    As to whether the data changed, you can timestamp a last update (Eg: Restaurant 1234 last update)

    Data as indicated previously needs to be handled remotely, or pulled remotely and held locally.

    So, once you design your database, it would be...

    1) 'List restaurants'

    2) On restaurant selection> Load restaurant data

    3) Present restaurant data

    4) On refresh > Check last update > If newer Load Restaurant data. (Would save on data)

    As an addendum, as the app regains focus, you can always go and reload the list/restaurant again to keep it current.

    Some thoughts to play with.

  • Thanks graham-s, I'll see what I can do with that, and then report back.

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