How do I create the proper mobile game "appear" menu effect ?

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  • The one we see in every single game outthere, that looks like the "Bounce In" effect in the right menu of animate.css here ("Bouncing Entrance" > "Bounce In") :

    I spent couple hours on sine, size etc... but the effect just isnt right, its too slow, not bouncy enough...

    Does someone know how to create that proper effect to reveal a sprite?



  • Have you tried using tween?

  • Yep, tween and sine, but tweeking randomly the values dont get me anywhere.

    I even tried setting up some timers to go in/out but it gets messy reaaally quick.

    I can't recreate that "wooble" effect.

  • hi, see if this helps, it looks similar, close enough you need to tweak the time it executes, id go around 0.6 seconds. or something like that i left it 0.8

    also tween animation is backwards, BounceIn is actually BounceOut compared to animate.css


    if you are trying to replicate the animation from animate.css exactly... it will be a bit tricky but you could replicate it via event coding, i counted 5-6 bounces before text stops on Animate.css it's actually what i tried before tween plugin... it looked closed to it, but still a bit to fast, not elastic enough... and to many event lines... around 7 or so...

  • GeorgeZaharia

    That's already pretty damn good!

    Thanks for that!

    I don't get the whole (32*pi*dt)*0.04 part at all, but the result is there!

    I'll just keep it as it is.

    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

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  • I don't get the whole (32*pi*dt)*0.04 part at all, but the result is there!

    you can change that to "scale" global value, that (32*pi*dt)*0.04 is the same as saying 0.4 frame dependent on delta time. so it's a bit slower than reading the scale value directly.

    im glad it helped.

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