How do I create a Programming Language in Construct 3?

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  • Can anyone tell me how to create a programming language in Construct 3,Thanks in advance.

  • You can define a parser with the function object, and read your programming language provided through a project file.

  • The process of making a programming language is basically the same as in any other programming language.

    Design the language and all its features on paper.

    Write a parser to take some text and convert it to tokens and then error check that there are no syntax errors.

    As you parse it you’d want the result to be formatted in a AST or RPN stack. Basically some kind of structure to be able to refer to.

    Then you’d need to run it piece by piece. The whole time you’ll be changing a program state.

    Finally there’s a high amount of tweaks and polish you can add.

    Do to the limited features of the event sheet you’ll have a bit more work to Add some features.

    Basically there’s a lot to it. And how you do it varies greatly depending on what you want your language to be and do.

    It’s interesting though, just not too trivial a project in many cases.

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  • I have a feeling he's more interested in something like a command window/console log you find in games.

    Which actually isn't that far off from the replies so far.

  • I don’t know about that, but if he has a particular language he wanted to make in mind, things can be simpler/easier.

    Simplest would to not do a parser at all and just add a list of commands to an array, loop over the array and depending on the command do something. Of course you can get a lot more deluxe.

  • Decided to have a go at it and it came out fairly simple. Well, it does touch on many different concepts. The language I came up with has an assembly/zzt feel to it.

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