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  • I have a popup message asking my players to rate the game on a layer called RATE. The layer is made up of several elements (stars, buttons, text etc).

    Rather that having the panel simply appear as it currently does when the user presses the rate button, I want it to shoot up from the bottom of the screen, then shoot down below the screen when they press the close button.

    How would I go about this? And would I need to replicate the actions/events for each element, or is there a way to group all of the elements into a single named group and just apply the actions/events to that group?

    Thanks all :)

  • You can pin everything on this layer to some invisible sprite and then just move that sprite. Use families to decrease the number of events.

    There is also an addon called "Layer" by Rexrainbow that allows some layer transitions (fade, scale, rotate), but unfortunately you can't move the layer with it..

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  • Great thanks :)

    To get the sprite I've pinned everything to move I'm guessing I need to use bullet behaviour - is that correct?

    So if my sprite starts off at position 0, 3840 and needs to stop at 0, 0 how would I achieve this?

  • There are lots of behaviors that can move sprites. For your situation (move to a point, then stop), I recommend MoveTo addon.

    You can also move without any behaviors:

    On every tick
     Sprite compare Y > 0 : Sprite set Y to (Self.Y-100*dt)

    where "100" is the speed (pixels per second)

  • hi, how to add button to rate game ?

  • Another option would be to use the browser alert feature, which dosen't require any sprites and always centers it on the screen.

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