How do I create a Pokedex?

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  • Hi friends,

    I would like to create a pokedex type dictionary/array, from which the player can keep track of 'monsters' (in my game it will be keeping track of discovered objects, like cat/dog/cow/etc). I plan to access this pokedex and retrieve the data/sprites/words held within, and then use this data to play minigames of different sorts.

    Anyways, my questions is, how should I go about doing this? Should I use an array or dictionary or something else? What can I do now to make my life easier in the future?

    I found this page:

    Does anyone have any advice for me?


  • I've just realized that some people might not be aware of what a pokedex is, so i've attached a picture:

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  • I'd use an array. You could store pretty much all data about a monster on a single line and access it easily when in the pokedex.

    Though I'm not really sure ehat you mean with acces this data to play different minigames. Do you want to play them within the pokedex? Or use it as a trigger to send you to a different layout?

  • insanesnake

    By that, I meant that the data in the array would be used for multiple purposes.

    I am hoping to create a 'pokedex' of items, in which the player can scroll through the items they have previously found. The Pokedex should include some information like: item name, item description, and it should be able to call up a sprite depiction.

    I hope to keep all this information in one place (probably a large array called 'pokedex').

    I plan to then make some minigames, accessable via trigger events in the main game world. Things like multiple choice questions, memory games, etc.

    Right now, I have set up the Pokedex as an initially invisible layer in my layout. The player triggers the Pokedex layer to become visible by 'using' a computer sprite.

    - Should the Pokedex events all be held with a function? I've never really played with the construct function options before.

    - Does anyone have a picture that I might be able to look at as an example of the array and the code that brings it up onto the screen?

    I found this thread, which gave me a lot of incite into how to make this work:

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