How do I create platformer shooter?

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  • Im currently studying game design and would like some help. Im starting on Construct 3 and need help creating fun platformer shooter game. I tried to search, and did some googling, but some tutorials are behind pay wall or are for construct 2. Here is me asking for help.

    I imagine that people here at forums have better understanding the place to look for tutorials, since the construct own website doesnt provide those enough in the Learn section. I did already "beginners tutorial" but was saddened that there is no lead up, next chapters after that for those things such as Start menu, death screen and sounds. And I know that this tutorial is just a start for people, but it doesnt provide that needed information for my Platformer Shooter.

    So any tips are welcome, and just point me in direction that has great tutorial would be welcome. And thank you.

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  • Kiwi Story template in C3 is pretty good. There is no shooting, but you can learn a lot about creating a platformer game from it.

    Also, you should be able to open Construct 2 tutorials and demos, unless they are using some addons which were not ported for C3.

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