How do I create a plant game?

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  • I'm not sure how to say it but yeah, the main point is that I need to create a game for a essay about production, import and export of grains. Instead of doin a silly common game, I thought about a planting game (?). It's supposed to be a little plant ,that you have to water until it became a full plant, then you win the game. And to have the water action you need to answer 3 questions each time, but I have no ideia How to work on it in the app here, so please help a desperate dude who just wants his fuckin degree.

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  • I think you would get a lot more help if you broke this down into portions that you needed help with rather than one large project.

    I would start watching as many tutorials as possible so that you know "what" to ask these folks as many of them are willing to help but only when you've done a lot of the legwork.

    Just a friendly suggestion from someone that has asked questions that got answered and those that didn't. The pattern is, do the work and ask when you get stuck on a step.

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