how do i create objects on host and sync them (revised)

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  • Hi so i want to create a Sprite in a multiplayer game when any player clicks over the Tile background.

    for what i understand every sprite must be created in the host. so when the peer presses the Tileb. i send a message to the host to create a sprite.

    now the capx creates the pawn on the host on message received or on click but on either case it doesn't apear on the peer, and on message i can't create it where the peer clicked

    All this problems i know come from me not understanding how to use the multiplayer object

    I have been searching for examples of objects created on command on multiplayer games but i can't find any

    I put 3 bookmark

    1- on Peer click over Tileb. send message

    2- on Host click over Tileb. create sprite

    3- host on message received. create sprite

    The code is from the pong example of the multiplayer so all the other code is from there.

    I really want to understand multiplayer What am i missing or doing wrong.

    PD. sorry that my first post was so bad, i was little troubled at the time and i post it without much hope and i think that was what it make it so sh... . this is the last thing to start a project.

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