How do I create object and control opacity with touch?

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  • Hello guys,

    I want to use touch to create each time an object and depend the distance to control the opacity of last 3 (whatever) creations.

    Can you help me with this?

    I don't know if can help but here is the demo project:


    1. Touch start: create first object

    2. So, moving around, depend X,Y distance, create +X objects depend the distance of current X,Y and first X,Y.

    3. But, moving back will destroy the objects are out of distance.

    4. Touch end: destroy all

    Thank you!

  • Opacity from first created to last, last created being 100% ?

    Or for the first 4 created only.

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  • Thank you, but this not working as my image example above.

    Look, to understand. Let's say we create 10 boxes. So, we have:

    First Creation: 1 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 2 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 3 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 4 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 5 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 6 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 7 => Opacity: 100

    ______Creation: 8 => Opacity: 70

    ______Creation: 9 => Opacity: 40

    Last Creation: 10 => Opacity: 10

    Something like this. Of course, what extra need is to have creations depend distance. But again, thanks for your help! :)

  • This will give you 60,40,20 for the last 3 created.

    So 15 objects would be 80,60,40,20

    You can mess around with the math to adjust.

  • Cool, thanks for this help!

    But unfortunately the best will be to controlled via distance + new creation each time.

    Because in this example we have 10, or whatever boxes. And opacity will always be set default no matter mouse/touch is (in this example last 3 creations).

    If for some reason can made a new creation each time we have touch X/Y would be perfect. :)

    Like the example below:

    Please note: Touch X in this image, it's just an example. The control remain as original, use X,Y and angle.

  • If I understood correctly ?, this will adapt to any object count, and just effect the last 3 boxes.

  • I would just use a Tiled Background with a gradient mask using blends.

    If we had distort maps I would just do it that way...

  • sizcoz

    This, effect the current creations. So in your example, control of course the last 4 boxes opacity but still remain 10 creations in the screen.

    Also, this lines not work with touch distance.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help. :)


    Sorry but no need something like this. Thank you!

  • Sorry last pic I forgot to put an event in.

    Revised below.

    I still don't understand what you exactly want?

  • Yes i already fix it myself. But still no make sense to me, sorry.

    As i said, it create already the boxes and just gives me the opacity to latest boxes. What i try basically is to control the opacity by distance.

    Means, each last 3 for example to keep the opacity like your example, but need to me change all this.


    We have 10 boxes: Last 3 opacity like your example.

    We back the touch a bit, so we have now 5 boxes.. Same as above, last 3 opacity.

    All it's about touch distance between first creation and touch.x touch.y

    Maybe it's a bit complex, but basically this is the main reason, this is what looking.

    Thanks again for your time and help!

  • Any help, someone?

    I try to find any similar project here without luck.


  • Something like this?

    For each created box, check if the distance is farther from the origin than the touch distance. If it is, set opacity to an inverse function with x, where x is the distance from touch (as distance increases, opacity decreases, normalized between 0-100).

  • oosyrag

    Great example, many thanks! :)

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