How do I create a object in the best way?

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  • Let me explain what i have here.

    In my games i have BIG ships .. that are made from several diferent pieces that are independent, and it canbe destroyed, today im creating each one over a point (each has a specific point)< into the base sprite, but some big spaceships has about 60 other pieces, and above that each pieace has it owhn spawn points.

    It would be great if i could do a visual placement.

    The problem is that i need to rotate, scale an fine tuning placement for each piece, and if i hade something more visual it would be better.

    any tips of how do this in a better way

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  • This isn't great for game making. Why does it need to be many pieces and why does it need to be so large? Sounds like you need graphics software

  • Nothing I've tried myself, but I imagine using some sort of xml/json project file to describe the objects and offsets for each piece of your ship rather than a visual editor. The exact method and format would be up to you. An additional advanced step would be to create your own editor app dedicated to positioning pieces, then exporting to your preferred format as data.

    At least that's how Barotrauma and other games with objects that consist of multiple pieces usually do it AFAIK.

  • Making a hierarchy in editor doesn't work?

    Even if that doesn't you could loop through image points if you used an index, then attach them as children.

    You can experiment till you get it like you want in a dummy layout.

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