How do I create an object with same animation

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  • i have a sprite with animations which are each item seperately but only first frame is the item and frames 1,2,3,4 are rarity of them and will be shown in inventory only , when i have it create another it only spawns the sprite on the first animation during create object, any ideas how to control animation and what frame?

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  • you can set the frame in the action while spawning the sprite.

  • yes i know that event..... but is there a simpler way of saying when item is destroyed create same item and animation on frame 1 and not 0?

    Ok hour later i figured it out! this is what i did

    I created a Global Variable Item_obtained ""

    then when Items get picked up it sets Item obtained to the name of animation(item name).

    next an item is created and animation is set to Item_obtained.

    that way every time my character picks up an item the item gets created in the inventory.

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