How do I create multiplayer in this?

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  • I want to add multiplayer to my laser tag game, but don't know how. I attempted, but I don't even know how I would test to make sure it works...

    here is a link to a video of the game's code and layout.


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  • Generally speaking, there is no such thing as simply "Adding" multiplayer to a game.

    You'll basically need to recreate your game, taking into account host and peer setups and time difference between clients. The good part is that if you have your mechanics working properly already, you will have less problems to solve. is a good read for the considerations that go into a multiplayer game, and then at least go through and do all the official multiplayer tutorials at

    Then you'll have an idea what you'll need or won't need to make your game multiplayer. Not easy, but all the tools are there for you to do it!

    A quick example of what changes when you go from single player to multiplayer:

    Player presses button - > do action

    For multiplayer it turns into

    Player presses button - > Tell host you pressed button

    Host receives player inputs - > Do action for that player, and tell everyone else what happened, taking into account the time it took for the message to travel

    Everyone - > Receive what happened from the host, and update accordingly.

    When you've got your multiplayer game set up, you can preview in multiple windows by holding alt when you preview, to test as if multiple peers are connecting to the game.

  • Wow, I had no idea what I was getting into... still is something I want to learn though.

    I did end up learning how to tell if it works; you can open up any of the multiplayer templates and they work if you hit the preview button a couple times.

    I'm going to see if some of the "join room" code will work in my game, after adding the room and a couple variables.

    Thanks for the reply!

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